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Check out some of the great companies we’ve partnered with. Whether they manage a successful exit, or pivot their ideas and goals, we’re proud of each team we’ve worked with. ​ Another projects are in pipeline and we will show them as soon as possible.


Launched in 2010, Citycare defibrillator is the most leading-edge and most effective business on the market today. It can be used by persons with no medical background, since it emits crystal-clear vocal messages. You don't need to take any decisions, just follow the instructions and it's the Citycare AED that decides.


Innovative and particularly effective method for diffusing essential oils into shower
Skinjay presents you with an opportunity to combine a priceless moment of well-being with a daily ritual: SHOWERING.Thanks to a concept that offers an innovative and particularly effective method for diffusing essential oils into shower water, Skinjay helps you benefit from the positive effects of Aromatherapy and Aromachology directly on your body and through inhalation, all while you enjoy an intense moment of well-being in the shower.

Smetana hotel

Unique boutique hotel in the centre of Prague
5* boutique hotel in the heart of Prague with direct view over Charles Bridge and Prague Castle from its rooms and the restaurant.
The hotel comprizes 2 large courtyards, 70 rooms, 5 F&B outlets and a SPA, over the total area of 5000 square meters.


MyMiniFactory.com is the world's largest curated 3D object download platform. It is a thriving community which gives its users free access to thousands of 3D printable files.

Domaine St Medard

Vineyard and luxury B & B in Provence France
St. Medard wine is produced in a family owned winery dedicated to the craft of fine classical wine-making that expresses the unique qualities of the vineyard sites and the winemaker's vision.

Automobile D'Avant

A classical car showroom which works with the most distinguished of automobiles and prides itself in the level of quality delivered to the customer. The team is led by passion. Besides the founder and collector, it comprises a team of painters, body shops and mechanics specializing in classical cars. The commitment: Quality in all areas.


The new generation of alarm clock.
Say goodbye to your old alarm clock. Say hello to SleepCompanion ™. SleepCompanion ™ is the only LED light bulb connected and dedicated to improving your sleep. SleepCompanion ™ syncs with your natural body rhythm and produces light which your body needs the right time. The mobile SleepCompanion ™ application (iOS and Android) collects your data night after night sleep and offers tips to improve your well-being and quality of your sleep.

Delta drone

Delta drone

Delta Drone has been a leading international player in the field of civilian drones for professional use, specializing in the acquisition and post-processing of aerial data, for mapping, inspecting and monitoring.

Velvet fund

Velvet Fund Logistic is focused on acquisition of smaller and mid-sized logistic, warehouse, light industry parks and assets that have potential to be refurbished or developed.

L.O.P. Urban Logistic

L.O.P. Urban Logistic aims to become the leading real estate partner of the E-commerce and last mile industry in Russia. Fund is presently raising 140 million euros.


MyHotelProfile is ultimate solution, where guests will create their personal profiles with relevant information of business use for hotels. Guests  have 100% control over their profile and data and rent it through granting temporary access to hotels, where they plan to come in exchange for more personalized service offering from hotel.

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